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Battery Locomotive

Release Time:2020-08-13   Browse:1645

  Electric locomotive is a kind of traction equipment for rail vehicle transportation. The power is to use the traction motor to drive the wheels to rotate, and use the friction between the wheels and the rail surface to make the locomotive run on the track. In this mode of operation, its traction is not only affected by the power of the traction motor (or internal combustion engine), but also by the friction between the wheels and the rail surface. The slope at which locomotive transportation can travel has an impact. The slope of the transportation track is generally 3‰, and the local slope cannot exceed 30‰.

  Battery traction locomotive consists of a cab, braking system, running system, control system, battery pack, lighting, etc. The power is provided by the battery pack to drive the motor to run. It is a simple, reliable, flexible traction equipment, no noise, no pollution.

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